How to Sell Your Home In A Scary Real Estate Market

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You need to sell your house. You cleaned it, spruced it up maybe even listed it with a real estate broker and here you sit, day after day, month after month. Wishing and hoping and praying… wait, isn’t there a song like that?….that a buyer will come, who will fall in love with your house and buy it that day. Perhaps you have even had a couple of showings, but the response was ho-hum. no one fell in love that day. So here you sit..wishing, hoping and praying that someone will buy tomorrow…

This is a very familiar situation that we find a lot of people in, especially in today’s Real Estate Market. Just take a look at recent Headlines regarding the Housing Market – no wonder it’s tough to sell and even more of a reason to do everything possible to best prepare your Properties for sale.


Selling a property in a buyer’s market is tough business. What can you do today to get your property off the market and the profit in your pocket? Property staging, design and marketing! Sounds easy….but have you made your property unforgettable, that one property the buyers can’t quit thinking about?

Simply Amazing Staging has a proven record of converting those For Sale signs into Sold signs. We use 5 proven and time tested steps to sell your home in record time. In a buyer’s market & a sea of forgettable houses, your property will Stand Out from the others – buyers will Connect with your home & begin to see it as theirs!! It’s emotional staging and we Excel at making your home memorable & ‘the one’ your buyers can’t live without!!

Our staging services range from budget friendly ‘do it yourself’- E Staging stepping up to Digi Staging where we will meet with you and advise. For hands-off service, we offer Live Stage to address every need a seller may have we offer a variety of Additional services including The Perfect Showing Presentation for Homeowners that are occupying the home and/or working with Realtors. What makes us different is that we also include Marketing Strategies with every Staging Service.

This is NOT about making your house pretty –
it is about making it Sell!! Click here for a FREE Staging Report
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